Flooding and the environment – green zealots or plain common sense?


My heart goes out to the thousands of people who were left homeless by the recent flooding up north. There’s no good time to have your home destroyed, whether by floods or anything else, but for it to happen over Christmas must be particularly soul-destroying.  And this is nothing new. Floods are a regular occurrence and we seem powerless to prevent them… or are we? Continue reading

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Why treats are a thing of the past …

Treat blog cartoon

When did you last treat yourself?  I don’t mean just indulge yourself because it was a rainy day or the weekend, or because you felt like it.  But when did you last treat yourself to something extra, extra special that you normally can’t afford or is hard to come by?  You see, I think we’ve robbed ourselves and real treats have become a thing of the past… Continue reading

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Putting the Bah Hum-BUG into Christmas

Blog Christmas BannerEvery year it’s the same old thing in the run up to Christmas – pictures of happy smiling people bustling with bonhomie. Golden turkeys roasted and basted to perfection. Don’t you think it’s boring? Don’t you fancy something different for Christmas dinner? You know how innovative we are here at Nina & Co, so we’re breaking the mould this Christmas. Continue reading

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Food isn’t just for Christmas

sleeping rough FB compressed

I’ve been really heartened by the number of people on social media and in the press offering to help the homeless this Christmas. The number of people sleeping rough on the streets of England has risen by over 50% in the past five years. According to the annual Government ‘street count’ published in February 2015, bed is a cold, hard pavement for 2,744 people. Continue reading

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Home-baking… another food fad or is it back to stay?

children cooking

Well! Who watched the Great British Bake Off? Were you glued to your TVs?  We were and we’re jubilant about the UK becoming a nation of home-bakers again. Sceptics might call this just another food fad whipped into a frenzy by popularist TV programmes, of course. But is it just a fad or is home baking here to stay? Continue reading

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The mad, mad world of hospital catering

hospital food old manWanted. One large, robust brick wall – needed for head bashing exercise for frustrated food marketer and common sense advocate who is in despair over hospital food. Continue reading

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Organic food – once more the rising star?

pigsIf you’re an organic food aficionado, or a grower who has survived the downturn in recent years, you’ll be pleased to hear the indications are that organics are once again a force to be reckoned with. And from where I’m standing, that can only be good news. Continue reading

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Costa Coffee’s (and Whitbread’s) shame


Fancy a cuppa? Well take my advice and walk straight past Costa Coffee and head for Pret A Manger instead. Until Costa reverses it’s policy on throwing away perfectly good food each day – keep walking! And while you’re at it, how about signing this petition organised by 38 Degrees. If you’re not up to speed on Costa Coffee’s shame, here’s the story so far… Continue reading

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Packaging bumps – an ingenious solution to cut food waste

food waste 3Okay, I know I bang on about food waste – a lot. But it’s an important subject and one that I’m passionate about. Here at Nina & Co., we’re loving this ingenious solution which will help reduce the amount of food that’s thrown away unnecessarily. Continue reading

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Nina on the radio … roll of drums please

Knowing_Your_Business_Live_broadcastAnyone who knows me will tell you I’m not short of words. You only have to read my blog to work that one out. But a couple of weeks ago, I was… err… um… ahhh… almost struck dumb! The reason? I was interviewed live on the Knowing Your Business radio show. And thanks to the wonders of modern technology, my interview podcast is being shared around the internet and my few pearls of wisdom are being listened to far and wide… Continue reading

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