Our Projects

At Nina & Co. we are experienced marketers and have completed major projects across the leisure and hospitality and retail sectors. But one thing is for sure, no matter how big or small your project; we will always deliver tangible measurable results.

Nina & Co. are proud of our values and what we stand for. Every project we complete for you will be delivered with passion, enthusiasm and energy. And we will truly demonstrate our entrepreneurial flair to drive results, and flexibility to adapt to the ever changing competitive environment we work in.

Nearly all of our work has been gained through word of mouth recommendations so what our clients say about us is extremely important, and we take pride in their comments.

University of West London Students’ Union

Rebranding, communications, concept development, and project management.

The brief:

  • To Create a new Students’ Union identity which would speak more succinctly to all of the customer groups and embrace UWLSU’s brand values.
  • Develop a full communications package for the new SU building including signage.
  • Concept development for Freddie’s Bar & Kitchen and a 60s themed Mod cafe.
  • Project management of the build aspects on behalf of the SU with the main contractor, 10 sub contractors and the Uni Estates team.
  • Objective – to create an amazing new students’ union on every level

The results:

“If I had to sum up Nina’s work in one word, it would be simply AWESOME! Nina didn’t start working with us until quite late in the project (3 months before we were due to open) but in that time, she managed to rebrand our students’ union, develop 2 concepts and their brands, and fully project manage the whole of our build with over 10 sub contractors, the main contractor and the University.

The results? Well we have THE most amazing students’ union, fantastic concepts that are exceeding our expectations in terms of sales and design, but more importantly we have an SU that everyone loves and is immensely proud of. If you need to rebrand or redevelop your concepts, you MUST go to Nina!”

Kat Stark, CEO.

University of Salford Students’ Union.

Research, concept development, marketing strategy, business plan development & funding and project management.

The brief:

  • Full qualitative and quantitative research.
  • Write the business plan for the Trustee Board & Uni Strategic Investment Group ensuring the best use of capital investment, ROI and longevity.
  • Concept development for Atmosphere Kitchen & Bar including menu development, food, drinks and entertainment strategy.
  • Project management of the tender and build aspects on behalf of the SU and the sub contractors.
  • Objective – to create an amazing new bar that appeals to a wider customer audience and increases sales and profits.
  • Results – new branding, menu and bar design that embrace USSU’s brand values and delivers their objectives. L4L sales increased by 30% in first two weeks of opening.

The results:

Nina & co took us from the initial idea of “we want a new venue” through a meticulously well planned and well executed business development process that has resulted in a transformation of both the physical and operational aspects of the venue.

Nina Bentley was a fantastic partner to work with: challenging our preconceptions, shifting us out of our comfort zone, and motivating us to deliver an outcome that was way beyond our original expectations. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Phil Benton, CEO.

King’s College London Students’ Union

Research, concept strategy & development, design and menu development.

The brief:

  • To research and analysis of the current offer and new market trends
  • To develop the concept strategy
  • Develop the new menu that embraces the market trends and the new concept strategy
  • Design the new logo, brief the interior designers to the required look and feel
  • Objectives – to create an amazing new bar that would be popular and resonate with a wider audience and increase sales

The results:

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Nina.
Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about all things hospitality, but she understood what that meant for us as a Students’ Union with all our various challenges and restraints. I wouldn’t hesitate to enlist Nina’s expertise on further projects and would happily recommend to others-Thanks Nina!”

Denise Leander, Services Development Director.


Aberystwyth Students’ Union

Online Retail Development

The Brief:

  • Audit the proposed new online shop
  • Analyse the current merchandise marketing and ensure it is inline with current thinking and marketing
  • Create a guide to online retailing, getting started, e-commerce, legal issues, creating a dynamic online shop
  • Objective – to provide the tools to allow the Union to create a successful online shop and increase sales

The results:

“We were about to launch our new online shop, and so we engaged Nina to ensure we were in line with the latest thinking and approaches, enabling us to make a step change in this area.

Not only did Nina provide us with an easy to follow guide to online marketing and ecommerce, she also provided us with invaluable information on marketing to our students. We are delighted with the results and are now confident that our new online facility will drive sales in what was a declining commercial area for us.”

John Glasby, CEO


Marketing strategy and corporate rebranding

The brief:

  • To determine Adande’s marketing strategy
  • To determine the company’s brand values, tone of voice and key messages
  • To Create a new corporate identity which would open new opportunities for the company in new market sectors, raise brand awareness and increase market share
  • Design and develop a full suite of sales collateral and marketing materials including website and photography

The Results:

“Nina & Co has taken Adande on an amazing journey. Working with our team, Nina helped us to conceptualise our company, determine our brand values, marketing strategy and how we should communicate to our distinct customer groups globally. Nina & Co. has created a new identity and sales collateral that extols and demonstrates our key values – innovative, environmentally friendly, reliable, flexible and global. After a successful launch at the Restaurant Show we are already seeing an impact on brand awareness from our customers. A great company that completely understands our business, we would highly recommend Nina & Co.!”

Nigel Bell, Chairman Adande

Bristol University Students’ Union

Commercial strategy, food and drink consultancy

The Brief:

  • Full student and market research, including web survey, focus groups and trend analysis
  • Determine concept strategies for the Café Bar and the Anson Rooms (live music venue)
  • Menu development
  • BOH kitchen, cellar and bar design
  • FOH design support with the designers
  • Catering support to the main project team throughout the development
  • Opens September 2014

The results:

“We discovered Nina during a consultant selection process involving several
national catering and hospitality specialists. Nina was far and away the most outstanding candidate.

Her approach to the project is rooted in really understanding our market. Nina engaged wholeheartedly in getting to know our organisation, our vision and values and our customers. Nina spent time with us to learn about our strengths and weaknesses and what we wanted to achieve.

In particular Nina’s experience, approach and sound judgment gave us confidence at a time when we were making huge changes. I’m absolutely certain that Nina’s input has been critical to what we hope will be a transformational refurbishment and re-launch.”

Ben Pilling Director of Operations & Development

Nottingham Trent Students’ Union

Brand strategy and rebranding

The brief:

  • To determine the Union’s brand values, tone of voice and key messages
  • To Create a new union identity which would speak more succinctly to all of the customer groups and embrace NTSU’s brand values
  • Design and develop the main NTSU logo and the union’s sub-brand icons for all their services and activities

The results:

“Earlier this year we debated our branding and whether it really reflected who, and what, NTSU represented; the answer was a unanimous no. We then set out to find an agency; someone that understood students and students’ unions as well as being experienced marketers and designers. Several colleagues highly recommended Nina & Co and we went to see several of their projects; the decision to engage Nina was very simple. Since then, Nina has taken our team on an amazing journey. We have determined our brand values, understood our distinct customer groups, our key messages and tone of voice. We now have a visual identity and brand strategy that truly represents our students’ union. We would certainly highly recommend Nina & Co. to any students’ union.”

Ceri Davies, CEO.



Corporate identity and rebranding

The brief:

  • To determine the company’s brand values and key messages
  • To create a new name for La Pizza Company that effectively communicates to the market the company’s capabilities and vision
  • To Create a new corporate identity which would open new opportunities for the company in new market sectors, raise brand awareness and increase market share
  • Design and develop a full suite of sales collateral and marketing materials
The Results:
We acquired La Pizza Company in 2006, it had a strong quality image in the pizza base / dough ball sectors and this was leveraged. However, through significantly accelerated sales growth we determined that building on our high quality, technical competence with grain related products was critical. Therefore, we knew that our product offering needed to be much broader than the acquired corporate identity and brand suggested. Nina & Co really helped us to conceptualise our company and determine the brand values that would communicate most effectively to the market sectors where we wanted to build new penetration or increase market share. Working to extremely tight deadlines (less than 3 months) Nina & Co. achieved all our objectives and we are absolutely delighted with the results. After a successful launch at Foodex we are already seeing an impact on brand awareness from our customers. A great job extremely well done!” 

Paul Donald Chairman Pan’Artisan

Institute of Education Students’ Union

Business turnaround and strategy

The brief:

  • Business turnaround of the failing commercials outlets
  • Determine:
    • Food strategy
    • Labour schedules and labour modelling
    • Marketing strategy
  • Drive sales and spend per head

The results:

“What do you do with your out of date, loss making food outlet?  Call Nina! Nina worked with the IOE Students’ Union for over a year.  She was enthusiastic about catering provision with the union’s portfolio but also realistic about how best to provide this service for our students.  Engaging with staff, elected officers and stakeholders within the institution, Nina helped us back from the brink.”
The late Sarah Douglas, General Manager

Exeter University Students’ Guild

Commercial strategy

The brief:

  • Carry out a full evaluation of the current licensed concepts
  • Analyse the capabilities of the Ram and Lemon Grove to increase profits, evaluate the various opportunities for expansion and make recommendations
  • Write the business plan for the Trustee Board, provide recommendations on the best use of capital investment, ensuring ROI and longevity

The results:

“The ability of Nina to get the absolute measure of our organisation so quickly and comprehensively has been outstanding. This meant that the original business plan delivered to our Trustee board was completely spot on and really cut to the heart of the issues and opportunities and as a result funding was unanimously approved. Since approval, Nina has managed the design and build tender and is currently project managing our two developments as well as working with our teams to develop the marketing strategy. We have every confidence in Nina and her ability to deliver two extremely profitable commercial outlets for the Guild, and would highly recommend her to all Students’ Unions.
Tracy Costello Director of Business and Enterprise

Elior UK: Education

Concept creation: Shining Stars

The brief:

  • Create an interactive, educational and healthy food concept which would help young people to develop through
    • Nutrition and health
    • Discover and learn
    • Sociability and development
    • Satisfaction and enjoyment
  • Develop a full sales kit to help BDMs promote and market the brand to potential new clients

The results:

“With a thorough understanding of the contract catering market Nina has created an amazing concept for us, which is completely unique in an extremely competitive market. We know this concept will help us win new business and improve our client retention.”
Peter Joyner, Marketing Director

Since the project was first developed Elior UK have completed a very successful trial in several schools and the concept is set to be rolled out across all their contracts in 2012.

Compass Group

Brand Development: Steamplicity

The brief:

  • Brand development of Steamplicity a core Compass brand for use worldwide
  • Determine the brand values and USPs
  • Develop all sales materials to help all employees promote and market the brand to new and existing clients in every country where Compass operate

The results:

Nina is a great marketer who understands our business, clients and customers.Nina has worked with us for many years and in this project really helped us to develop one of our key brands to ensure consistency internationally and increase sales and profits”
Mike Iddon. Director of Global Commercial Development. Compass Group.

Elior UK

Market analysis and strategy formulation

The brief:

In depth foodservice market and contract catering sector analysis and use the information gleaned to assist in the development of the company’s marketing strategy. The research to include:

  • Global market trends
  • The competitive landscape
  • Sector specific analysis (B&I, healthcare and education)
  • Make recommendations
  • Create PowerPoint presentations to use at group level

The results:

“Nina has worked with Elior UK on numerous marketing projects including strategy, market and sector analysis. Nobody understands the contract catering market better, and I’m absolutely delighted with the outputs of the work.”
Peter Joyner, Marketing Director

Autograph Foodservice

People Branding: Fresh

The brief:

To help manage the change process, create a “People Brand” which communicates our new vision and values and key messages to all of our team and key stakeholders whether you are a member of the exec or a catering assistant in one of our units. To include:

  • Determining the company strategy, vision, values and key messages
  • Creating and designing a people brand that visually reflected the strategy
  • Creating a company magazine for clients and all company sales collateral
  • Creating all staff communications – newsletter, weekly email update

The results:

“Change management is never a simple thing when you employ over 5,000 people. We wanted to show our people that we employ individuals, not robots! We wanted everyone to have their say and to contribute to the development of business. Nina, Anne and I created our Fresh brand to do just this, and working together we developed a full range of marketing and communication materials for us to use in the business. This project was absolutely fantastic, and made a real difference to all of our teams and how we communicated.”
Peter Taylor former Managing Director Autograph Foodservice

York University Students’ Union

Complete concept creation: The Courtyard

The brief:

  • To develop the business strategy for this new concept
  • To develop the food and drink strategy, to create the menus and advise on the BOH and FOH operations
  • Considerations included:
    • The Courtyard was YUSU’s first commercial development
    • BOH facilities (kitchen & cellar) space was very limited
    • Highly competitive market

The results:

“Nina has truly helped us achieve a great milestone in the history of York Students’ Union. Her support, knowledge and skills throughout the project were simply fantastic. Since opening the Courtyard sales completely exceeded our expectations (and budgets) and they continue to be in double digit growth every year; the students just love it and we would highly recommend Nina to any students’ union looking to develop their commercial venues”.
Matt Burton. Former Services and Finance Officer YUSU

Avenance Healthcare

Brand and USP development: The Foodbox and Provision Plan

The brief:

  • Create a unique selling proposition for the senior care market
  • Create the Foodbox and Provision Plan brands
  • Develop a full sales kit to help BDMs promote and market the brands to potential new clients.

The results:

We have now turned our Snack Box idea into a great brand, and supported by our training from Age UK, we now have an extremely strong concept to use in sales proposals and presentations, but more importantly we have a concept that is appreciated by our residents and their families in the care home market.”
John Bowler, National Operations Director