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  1. Good evening
    After reading this article I thought I would leave a comment. I am also from Sheffield and fear for the safety of my family,
    A man called mark steele in Gateshead as been telling others about the dangers of 5g and pulse tech in the street lights. Gateshead cabal ie the council as tried to issued a gagging order against mark which the judge did not issue.
    More people must wake up to the fact, im no stranger to our tyrannical government. I used to work for Amey only for a few weeks but long enough to be issued a uniform ;-).
    Is there anywhere people can meet up to talk on the matter at hand. council members need taking to court. They are committing mass genocide of Sheffield.

    John Talbot

    1. Thanks John. I don’t know of any groups as I’m based in Oxfordshire, but what I do know is we need to keep sharing information and raising awareness.

      1. They’ve started the tree felling in Billingham now, soon it will be all over the country. They’re such hypocrites; they talk about the bollocks of global warming, and then cut down the trees for 5G, which is the real environmental disaster of our age.

  2. For more info on 5G and health go to and see the Public Health Alerts: 5G page (the science on 5G). Also, see our Stop 5G Action Plan menu item.
    Sierra Club of Washington DC is concerned about 5G causing trees to be cut down. Sierra Club of California is concerned about that and the dangerous radiation emissions. Good alert. Please keep us all informed!

    1. Thank you Susan. Th more we keep sharing information like this around the globe the better.

  3. The people of the remote Cumbrian town of Alston and those of us living in the outlying villages and farming community, are the latest human guinea pigs currently under threat from the installation of 5G technology. Those of us who have been doing our research are trying our hardest to make everyone else aware of the dangers, and also to find a way of preventing this madness from going ahead. We have also been closely following the situation in Gateshead and the huge efforts being made by Mark Steele to protect his community and environment, despite threats to gag him. Many of us have also been trying to gather information by watching his YouTube videos, but his channel has now been removed! ‘Someone’ clearly felt that he was attracting too much attention and gaining far too much support, so decided that they would try again to prevent him from waking people up to the horrors of 5G and the web of lies and disinformation surrounding its rollout, by gagging him on social media too. We would like Mark to come and speak/join in the discussion at our Alston Moor Parish Council meeting on Monday 4 March 2019. However, even this first attempt at informing the wider community, getting our own voices heard and finding out the truth about the covert operations currently underway has fallen at the first hurdle.

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