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Students – can’t cook – won’t cook – or don’t know how to cook?

With the new university year looming, newbie students are preparing to leave home. For some of them, it will be first time in their lives that they’ve lived without the support of good old Mum and Dad. But how equipped … Continue reading

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Why Going to Bucks University is a Bigger Deal

It’s that time of year when quaking youngsters are waiting to find out if they will attend the university of their choice. Dreams and aspirations are on the line as the young hopefuls start their journey into the future.

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Student’s Unions; then and now, take 2 – with a twist!

When Nina first asked me to write a blog on my Student Trend Report findings, I didn’t really know where to begin. I think the most interesting fact about this blog is who is writing it, a student. But a … Continue reading

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Students’ Unions; then and now…

If you were a student in the 70s or 80s, no doubt the phrase Students’ Union makes you think of beer… gigs… cheap beer… Rag Week and perhaps even more beer. 

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The end of the world is nigh for students’ unions…

  Freshers’ your busiest trading period is over, don’t tell me sales were down compared to last year? The double dip recession is biting deeper, fuel costs are spiralling and food costs have more than doubled in the last three … Continue reading

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