Nina&Co Love digital challenges

We’re a consultancy-based agency, so before we write a single line of code, or design any pages, our digital expert will have guided you and your team through a proven process, which ensures we will deliver the best results and a truly awesome website.

We’ll want to get under the skin of your business, understand your key audiences and what’s really important to them.

We will also want to find out exactly what you want your website to achieve – whether it’s driving sales through a full e-commerce site, providing informing to current customers through a safe login, or raising brand awareness with potential new customers, we’ll build a digital strategy that’s fit for purpose and achieves your objectives.

In addition to designing and building dynamic, beautiful and effective websites we also offer a range of digital services that will enhance your site, improve viability and drive traffic.

Our primary focus for content management is to increase engagement in order to reap the rewards of increased business exposure helping you to grow your business.

We actively seek the right people to connect with your business and provide regular feedback.  We identify and engage with influencers, brand ambassadors and your target audience, listening to deliver insight into what’s happening within your industry and community.  This insight provides real-time information to highlight opportunities, intent, trends and potential issues – giving you real control.

Our web and digital services include:

Web Design & Build: From planning, design, through to going live, we make the process fast and exciting rather than painful and drawn-out

SEO: Our aim is not only to improve your website’s visibility within search engines, but also to drive traffic that will convert to sales. We work hard and have a wealth of knowledge of the leisure and hospitality industry, which when combined with our innovative thinking and creativity means we guarantee a strategy that delivers high quality results every time.

Content Marketing: We create quality content that people love to read but at the same time ticks all the right boxes in terms of SEO. We revitalise your brand copy with SEO friendly content, designed to be helpful and interesting to your audience as well as benefiting your business by increasing your search ranking.

Paid Search: When it comes to advertising online, Pay Per Click (PPC) is a must have in your digital strategy. We can manage your pay per click campaigns to ensure maximum return on investment by ensuring your ads are delivered to your target market only – rather than to every mouse trigger happy surfer.

Social Media and blogging: How are you getting on with Social Media and writing those blogs? Everybody tells you that you should be doing it, but let me guess you don’t have the time or the skills in your business to do it effectively? Nina & Co. can develop your online presence and power up your brand by helping you to manage your social media profiles and write traffic driving blogs.


Case Study Testimonial – Debono Foods
New Website

Develop a full e-commerce website on a limited budget

Ensure the website stands head and shoulders above competitors in a noisy market place

Redesign the website to embrace Debono’s brand values and ethics, whilst ensuring longevity i.e. the site shouldn’t be achingly modern that it dates within weeks

Ensure smartphone and tablet responsiveness as this is the main point of customer access

Drive sales & footfall and raise brand awareness in a very competitive industry

Results: Increased Traffic, more new and returning customers.


As part of our on going marketing strategy we needed to redevelop our website. A colleague said “if it was my business I would use Nina & Co., they’re the best food marketing agency, by a mile.” And after looking at numerous other agencies, they were certainly the best for us!

We now have a fabulous new website that truly reflects everything that Debono stands for – quality, freshness, professional, experienced, premium, reliable and friendly. But more importantly, we are attracting new customers, existing customers are returning to the site more often, and our search ranking has improved considerably.

A great company who totally understands our business and the food industry, very easy to work with and competitively priced I can’t recommend Nina & Co. enough.

Gareth Allen, Managing Director