Birmingham City University Students’ Union

Birmingham City University Students’ Union


Develop the Lounge bar by turning a nondescript white box with no atmosphere or appeal to BCU’s students, into an amazing new cafe bar which majored on food and had the WOW! factor. The new space would also have to appeal to a broader spectrum of the student community especially female, mature and sports students who make up the largest demographic on the South Campus.

  • Quantitative and qualitative research
  • Commercial and marketing strategy development
  • Design support throughout RIBA Stage 4
  • Support and advice on all aspects throughout RIBA Stages 5 & 6


“To say our refurbishment project was quite complicated would be somewhat of an understatement. Everything that could potentially go wrong seemed to, from a 12-month delayed starting date, to finding a large water leak under the concrete slab, through to discovering the concrete bar we had to demolish was so strong and reinforced it was more suitable for the central reservation on the M6 than a student bar!

Despite all of this and everything else that was thrown at her, Nina remained calm and was the consummate professional she is until she finished the job she had set out to do; achieve our vision and turn our boring white box into a fabulous new café bar which was packed with the WOW factor that our students absolutely love.

Nina’s support throughout the project was invaluable and meant that I could get on with my work in the confidence that she was working on our behalf. I would highly recommend Nina to all my colleagues and we will certainly be reengaging her skills on any future projects.”

John Moore, Head of Member Services and Project Manager, BCUSU.


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