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Banking on food donations for survival

This week I’ve been reading about the amazing work being done by food banks. Inevitably, it’s got me thinking. First I give heartfelt thanks that we are fortunate enough to be able to put food on the table ourselves and … Continue reading

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European meat legislation – stupidity or pig ignorance?

The food industry is drowning in legislation that is, so we’re told, to protect us – the consumers. That’s very fine and wonderful and I’m all in favour of protecting our vital food chain, but in my opinion, this latest … Continue reading

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The ultimate business award benefit

The tension mounts. Hoards of hopefuls in posh frocks and dinner suits enjoy the evening sun and a glass of Bucks Fizz. Inside the huge marquee, the caterers prepare for the celebration dinner. And everyone hopes that it will be … Continue reading

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The true cost of poor hospital food

Why are UK Governments so fond of voluntary standards? Is it so they can claim they’ve told us so, before they wash their hands of the whole situation?

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Bring back the F-word – all is forgiven

Have you noticed how trends change when it comes to dietary advice? In the 80s, eating fibre was the be-all and the end-all. What’s happened to the famous F-word in the 21st century? Do we longer need fibre? Have the … Continue reading

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