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Liar, liar … pants on fire!

I’m sorry about my juvenile tantrum, but this recent news has got me stamping my tinies. Perhaps some culture would help me redeem myself? Thanks to Sir Walter Scott for this one… “Oh! What a tangled web we weave, when … Continue reading

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We’re shopping – they’re dropping!

As you’ve probably seen in the news, the scandal about overstated profits and Richard Broadbent’s resignation has dealt another blow to supermarket giant, Tesco. Excuse me if I don’t lose any sleep over this, but I for one, am delighted … Continue reading

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What happened to waste not, want not?

I hate waste.  I worry about the world’s lack of resources. I’m scandalised by the amount of food that goes into landfill each year. I’m sickened to hear of people going hungry.   In WW2, it was a criminal offence to … Continue reading

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Why Tesco backed the wrong horse.

Are food processors backing the wrong horse? If you haven’t heard all the furore about horsemeat found in burgers, I don’t know where you’ve been hiding for the past couple of weeks. 

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Why sustainable, ethical food makes sense.

Well, unless you’ve been in Outer Mongolia for the past month or you’re already too embroiled in the up-and-coming Olympics (go team GB!), you couldn’t have failed to notice that ethical food has been hitting the news headlines of late. … Continue reading

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Every little helps; or does it?

We have a very strange relationship with supermarkets. You’d have to be a Zen master to go through your life without being emotionally unscathed by them, but – love them or hate them – it seems they’re here to stay.

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