Bring back the F-word – all is forgiven

Have you noticed how trends change when it comes to dietary advice? In the 80s, eating fibre was the be-all and the end-all. What’s happened to the famous F-word in the 21st century? Do we longer need fibre? Have the

Rabbit – too sweet to eat?

There’s nothing sweeter than the sight of a little bunny rabbit going hoppity, hoppity, is there? But are we, as a nation, ignoring a valuable food source because the thought of eating one of those cutesy little creatures is just

Dietary supplements – beneficial or just plain bad?

Do you have them? Check most bathroom cupboards across the country and you’re sure to find dusty tubs full of vitamins, supplements, and the latest pills and potions that were going to give us eternal youth. It’s not surprising the

New traffic light system signals more confusion

Brace yourselves… here we go again. The ‘powers that be’ have come up with yet another development in food labelling to help stop our inevitable decline into obesity. And it’s certainly a real problem.

Binge drinking. Is pricing the panacea?

As a big fan of good beer and pub culture I’m naturally nervous about anything threatening these already struggling institutions. But on the other hand we have to admit binge drinking is a real problem. 

Chicken: top of the pecking order

As a nation famous for roast dinners, there’s no escaping the fact we Brits love chicken. With the ascent of Nando’s and hip London chicken restaurants, this flightless bird is firmly at the top of our favourites list. So much

Pay as you dine or save as you starve?

 Napoleon was right when he said an army marches on its stomach. So shouldn’t we be worried if those soldier’s stomachs contain little more a Gregg’s sausage roll and a few pints of beer? This, along with other long running backdrops

Great food; do you remember your first time?

  Being the offspring of two Dubliners, the meals I was brought up on were hearty, filling and, frankly, very Irish. And for this I’m thankful. Childhood for me meant beef in Guinness stew, colcannon, coddle and homemade rice pudding.