Raise a glass to British beer

  Yay! Finally, some good news for the beer industry. The British Beer & Pub Association’s (BBPA) latest Beer Barometer shows UK sales rose by 5.2% in the third quarter of 2013. That’s the most significant quarter-on-quarter increase in a

Figgy pudding – at twice the price?

When the Christmas spending starts, it’s like the normal rules don’t apply. Last year, comparison website predicted we’d spend around £22 billion during the festive season. That’s a staggering £445 per person. And naturally, restaurants, pubs and hotels will

Has organic food had its day?

Just a few short years ago, we might have expected to see more people choosing organic over ‘conventional’ food.  But despite the food scares and concerns over chemicals and additives, organic food sales have declined over the last few years.

Food waste, recycling and YOU!

Recently, I took a look at how savvy supermarkets are donating unsold food to charity. That’s good, but it’s still not enough. The average household chucks away enough food to sink a fleet of battleships too. MP Richard Benyon MP

Has our pub culture gone forever?

The great British pub – our ‘local’. Once the hub of the community, British pubs are closing in droves. Village pubs have met the same fate as village shops and post offices. Are the days of this great British institution