Organic food – once more the rising star?

If you’re an organic food aficionado, or a grower who has survived the downturn in recent years, you’ll be pleased to hear the indications are that organics are once again a force to be reckoned with. And from where I’m

Food – the sublime to the cor blimey?

Food, glorious food. With Christmas just a few days away, people the world over are planning their menus and frantically writing their shopping lists to ensure their tables are laden for the big day. As the food retailers prepare for

We’re shopping – they’re dropping!

As you’ve probably seen in the news, the scandal about overstated profits and Richard Broadbent’s resignation has dealt another blow to supermarket giant, Tesco. Excuse me if I don’t lose any sleep over this, but I for one, am delighted

Banking on food donations for survival

This week I’ve been reading about the amazing work being done by food banks. Inevitably, it’s got me thinking. First I give heartfelt thanks that we are fortunate enough to be able to put food on the table ourselves and

The ultimate business award benefit

The tension mounts. Hoards of hopefuls in posh frocks and dinner suits enjoy the evening sun and a glass of Bucks Fizz. Inside the huge marquee, the caterers prepare for the celebration dinner. And everyone hopes that it will be