Why treats are a thing of the past …

When did you last treat yourself?  I don’t mean just indulge yourself because it was a rainy day or the weekend, or because you felt like it.  But when did you last treat yourself to something extra, extra special that

Food isn’t just for Christmas

I’ve been really heartened by the number of people on social media and in the press offering to help the homeless this Christmas. The number of people sleeping rough on the streets of England has risen by over 50% in

Home-baking… another food fad or is it back to stay?

Well! Who watched the Great British Bake Off? Were you glued to your TVs?  We were and we’re jubilant about the UK becoming a nation of home-bakers again. Sceptics might call this just another food fad whipped into a frenzy

Organic food – once more the rising star?

If you’re an organic food aficionado, or a grower who has survived the downturn in recent years, you’ll be pleased to hear the indications are that organics are once again a force to be reckoned with. And from where I’m

Food – the sublime to the cor blimey?

Food, glorious food. With Christmas just a few days away, people the world over are planning their menus and frantically writing their shopping lists to ensure their tables are laden for the big day. As the food retailers prepare for