The horrors of supermarket slavery

I’m horrified, sickened and bewildered in equal measures about the modern slavery revelations and recent prosecutions in the Midlands. Apart from the appalling fact that this is going on here in the UK, it concerns me that so many of

5G – profit before democracy

What do you have to do in the UK to get people to listen? That’s my burning question right now. Why are these unpopular and potentially health-damaging 5G experiments being allowed to continue when there is so much negative public

The Edwardian food revolution

Despite being just a short nine-year interlude (1901-1910), the Edwardian era and the start of the 20th century changed the face of food and dining for us here in the UK. It fashioned some traditions, like afternoon tea, that are

The shame of Britain’s starving children

Starving children with rickets and other diseases caused by malnutrition. No warm clothes to wear in cold weather. Parents collapsing from hunger because they have given all their food to their children. Another refugee crisis? No. A humanitarian crisis? YES.

Telling the Christmas turkey to get stuffed!

If you’re keeping up, and I hope you are, you’ll remember we recently blogged about the increase in people adopting a flexitarian diet. Now, according to research, one in twelve people in the UK will be telling the turkey to

Was Nostradamus talking about 5G?

Remember our old friend Nostradamus? That 16th century seer famed for his end of the world predictions? These Armageddon theories and predictions have never been high on my list of concerns, but the latest round of 5G horror stories and

Top Menu Planning Tips from Nina & Co.

As a food marketing consultant, one of the questions I’m most frequently asked is how to go about menu planning. So we’ve put together some of our top tips to help you develop a menu planning strategy that will put